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  • Liuzhou Howe Machinery Co., Ltd.

Established in 2007, Liuzhou Haomu Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the southern industrial city of Liuzhou. It is a pre-stressed technology research and development, pre-stressed anchorage and supporting tension, bridge cable system, grouting equipment production and research and development, pre-stressing. Special installation and construction, bridge repair and reinforcement product supply and construction are the main businesses. The company is located at No. 5 Hengye Road, Xinxing Industrial Park, Liujiang District, Liuzhou City, 0.5km away from the Guihai Expressway intersection and Liuzhou Airport, and the transportation is very convenient. The company occupies a total area of more than 40 acres, the branch plant covers an area of 20 acres, and the two plants are 2 kilometers apart. The production plant is 20,000 square meters, and the office area is 4,500 square meters. Currently, it has 150 sets of advanced equipment and more than 270 employees, including 50 engineering and technical personnel. In 2017, the output value was 120 million.

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The company is formed by a group of senior technical, R & D and marketing personnel who are good at development, dare to innovate, understand management, and have comprehensive operation skills. They have accumulated more than ten years of prestressed design, production, marketing and construction practices, and have a wealth of pre-stressed practices. Stress technology and production experience.

Liuzhou Haomei Machinery Co., Ltd. manages the system and uses advanced equipment to ensure product quality and improve ergonomics. All are based on performance and quality, based on test data and related standards, and seek better quality and services to get repeat customers. , Make full use of the advantages of special prestressed products and supporting construction technology to become a distinctive prestressed enterprise.


The company's HM prestressed series products have undergone strict quality control from design, demonstration to mass production and market launch. Their important technical indicators such as anchor efficiency coefficient, total strain and fixture efficiency coefficient in static load anchoring performance are better than National Standard "GB / T14370-2007 Anchors, Fixtures and Connectors for Prestressed Tendons". Fully in line with the requirements of the International Prestressing Association (FIP) "Acceptance and Application Recommendations for Post-tensioning Prestressing System". The product technology has applied for nearly 40 patents, and has a full range of pre-stressed anchoring and cable system product development, production and supply capabilities; providing professional pre-stressed technical consulting services to many domestic and foreign bridges, ports, water conservancy projects, airports, stadiums, etc. ; Undertake special prestressed construction of many types of bridges at home and abroad.


The company's product specifications are complete. The products include various anchors supporting steel wires, steel bars, steel strands, and ordinary prestressed materials such as tensile grouting equipment and corrugated pipes. They also provide cable-stayed bridges, low-tower cable-stayed bridges, and external cables. , Suspension bridges, suspension bridges and other bridge types of prestressed system materials and construction and installation services. Our own professional construction team is responsible for the old bridge reinforcement projects such as sticky steel, carbon fiber reinforcement, crack infusion and replacement of rubber bearings. In recent years, it has successively undertaken the Wenyu River cable-stayed bridge on Tongyuan North Street in Tongzhou, Beijing, the Great Ocean River Bridge on the S225 line of Hunan New West Highway, the Karamay Friendship Bridge in Xinjiang, the Zhangjiakou Vegetable City Cable-Stayed Bridge Project in Hebei, the Baipanjiang Bridge in Guizhou, and the Shenzhen Water Palace High-speed expansion project four-standard external cable, Liaoning Dandong Kuandian Interchange external cable, Longbai high-speed 8-shaped corrugated steel web external cable, Beijing Yongdingmen South Plaza steel box beam jacking and epoxy steel strand external cable project, Liaoning University Materials and Installation Engineering for Anchor Prestressing System of Diversion Tunnels in the First, Second and Fourth Bid Diversion Tunnels of Phase I (Second Phase) Water Transmission Projects Material and installation of epoxy steel stranded tie rod hanger cable replacement project of Shunyi Chaobaihe Bridge, material supply and installation of epoxy steel stranded cable low tower cable-stayed bridge of Zunhua Lihe Bridge, Shanghai-Rongxi Expressway Siduhe Provision and installation of prestressed epoxy steel strand anchor materials for super bridge anchor ingots, epoxy steel strand outside cable engineering of Taizhou Yangtze River Highway Bridge 01, Jinhua Shuanglong Bridge suspender cable replacement project, Guiping Qianjiang Bridge suspender cable replacement project, Nanning Wuxiang Avenue Bachijiang Bridge sling project, Capital Airport Terminal 3, Airport Overpass, Beijing-Shenzhen, Beijing-Baoji, Beijing-Tianjin, Chengtang Expressway, Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing Guangzhou, Beijing-Tianjin high-speed railway and other special high-tech projects. The company has the right to import and export independently, and cable stays and special equipment products are exported to Taiwan and many Southeast Asian countries and regions. And has established long-term and stable friendly cooperative relations with many foreign companies. The company's production capacity and technical level are in a leading position in the industry, and it has made due contributions to the bridge prestressing industry for many years. It has been rated as a high-tech enterprise in Guangxi for many times. In the future, the company will be market-oriented, continuously improve and improve itself, develop more updated products that meet market needs, and win first-class product quality and service in the market competition.

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    The company takes "integrity-based, quality first" as its business purpose, and always adheres to the quality policy of "today's quality, tomorrow's market; customer needs, our pursuit", from product manufacturing to installation and construction, and after-sales service are perfect Quality assurance system. At the same time, actively advocate the entrepreneurial spirit of "seeking truth, being pragmatic, pioneering and innovative", and constantly pursuing and climbing the peak. Dedication to provide users with quality products and first-class service. And, as always, adhering to the advanced service concept, we will try our best to cooperate sincerely with friends from all walks of life to create brilliant. Align with world-class bridge prestressing companies and strive to insert the banner made in China all over the world. With innovation as the driving force, we strive to mature the top professional technology; take brand management as the core and have a global vision of operation strategy, and strive to create "safe, reliable, professional, and efficient" bridge prestressed products for customers, To become an international first-class bridge prestressing brand.




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